Triora | Erba Gatta Restaurant Via Roma, 6, 18010 Triora IM, Italy
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Provincia : ImperiaTriora

Since April 2008 the Erba Gatta Restaurant opens in Triora, a medieval village that dominates the entire Valle Argentina from its 780 meters in height, in the extreme western Liguria, offering typical dishes of the hinterland.
Taste the typical hors d’oeuvres or roll the tagliatelle string on the fork, taste the soups of Triora beans, the game, the white meat of the rabbit, and those sheep of goat and lamb, the snails, the stockfish and the toma of brigasca sheep, for finish with sweet cakes, or cold cream with the latest excellence produced “Lo Zafferano di Triora”.
Everything rotated proposed on nice blackboards depending on the period and seasonality of the products.

For information and reservations:
Phone +39 0184 94392

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