Tende | Mercantour’s Bureau des Guides 06430 Tenda, Francia
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Provincia : NizzaTende

Mercantour’s Bureau des Guides was born from a common idea among mountain lovers to gather and share their experiences with you.

A team of experts and tour guides offers various activities and stays including:


  • Canyoning with slides, jumps, swimming, unforgettable moments in complete safety;

  • Via ferrata with breathtaking views;

  • Climbing of all kinds for experts and beginners;

  • Mountaineering on the most beautiful peaks with an incredible view of the sea, but also on the rest of the Alps;

  • Ski mountaineering on the last bastion of the Alps before the sea;

  • Snowshoes, in Casterino near the Valle delle Meraviglie, ideal for snowshoeing;

  • Hiking on foot to discover the incredible richness and particularity of the Mercantour.

For information and reservations:
Phone +33 0614487170 – +33 0493046788
Email: infos@mercantour-roya.com
Website: www.mercantour-roya.com

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