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The Mercantour Massif and its surroundings are the ideal place for long rides on horseback.

The equestrian guide Marc Ratagne, fond of mountain sports, offers guided tours with horses from 1 to 6 days.

The excursions will be carried out through:

  • the Via dei Forti, an old military road that begins in Casterino and extends to the Colle di Tenda along the Italian-French border;
  • the Valley of Wonders, where incisions have been found on rocks belonging to more than 5000 years ago, a place characterized by a colorful mineral landscape, numerous lakes, rich fauna and flora;
  • the massif of Marguareis, the last mass of the Alps before Liguria.

For multi-day excursions, we offer different types of accommodation: shelter, hostel, hotel and bivouac.

For information and reservations:
Phone +33 683061171
Email: ratagnemarc@yahoo.fr
Website: www.cavaliersmercantour.com


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