Ormea | Riserva La Regina Via Martinetto, 3, 12078 Ormea CN, Italia
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Provincia : CuneoOrmea

Riserva La Regina deals with catering and camping.

The pizzeria, equipped with a wood oven, is located 200 meters from the historic center of Ormea, a city that is located in the center of the Ligurian Alps, a beautiful balcony from which to enjoy the Piedmont mountains and the nearby Liguria. The cuisine is based on typical products of the Alta Val Tanaro, with healthy and local ingredients. The restaurant is warm and welcoming and thanks to the large dehor it allows you to enjoy the coolness that the nearby torrent Armella offers in the summer.

Guests can also take advantage of a camper area and a campsite for tents for a holiday immersed in nature at 360 degrees. Adjacent to the structure with services, hot showers, light and drain. A large lawn always cut to English allows you to spend your holiday in a tent in a protected and at the same time isolated.

It is a few steps from the services that the ancient village can offer and from the river park from which the paths that connect to the Ormea Balconata that crosses the Alta Val Tanaro, synonymous with typical products, history and sports open.

For information and reservations:
Phone +39 0174 393038
Website: www.riservalaregina.it

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