Ormea | Ormea Outdoor & MTB 12078 Ormea CN, Italia
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Provincia : CuneoOrmea

Guides of the National Academy of Mountain Bikes and fans of outdoor sports at 360 °, especially mountain biking and trekking.
The mission of Ormea Outdoor & MTB is to introduce this environment as fascinating as it is severe, allowing you to carry out sports activities in safety, thanks to the professional and qualified approach.
The project also includes the enhancement of the territory of Ormea and surrounding areas, through the cleaning, tracing and maintenance of the routes (mainly the recovery of existing routes marked on the maps) in full respect of nature, flora and fauna.
The commitment is to bring bikers and hikers to explore the magic of our forests and our valley, promoting outdoor tourism that is not noisy, non-polluting, eco-friendly in close collaboration with local, institutional and private realities.
Ormea Outdoor & Mountain Biking is a service of 2 MTB guides (forerunner and close-row in connection with two-way radios), for which the rates provided include the 2 MTB Guides.

For information and reservations:
Mobile phone +39 338 504 6172

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