Mendatica | Brigì Cooperative – Tourist Services 18025 Mendatica IM, Italy
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Brigì Cooperative – Tourist Services proposes experiences of sustainable tourism in an authentic reality in four different areas:
– Ca da Cardella, hiking hut in the heart of the historic center of Mendatica, but included in the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri circuit, a structure that meets the needs of both families and hikers;
– Adventure Park routes for all ages and tree levels in a real mountain forest, you go from the yellow route for children of 3 years to black, 12 m high and very challenging, ideal for experiencing an adrenaline adventure in all safety, the pulleys are spectacular at the end of the routes;
– the Excursion Tourism Center (CTE Alpi Liguri) which organizes excursions to promote, disseminate and organize hiking tourism, going slow, knowing places and traditions. The CTE has well-known hiking guides nationally recognized and offers activities and excursions with donkeys for all levels, hiking and trekking even at night and snowshoeing in winter;
– Didactic Mendatica: creative and educational workshops, cultural and sporting activities for groups and schools in the ancient mill of the village.

Brigì creates through its activities a strong link with the tradition and the territory, contributing to a sustainable development of the territory, which must not be limited to environmental sustainability but also to economic and social sustainability. Starting from the love for their country and the desire to keep the tradition, the guys from the Brigì Cooperative – Tourist Services promote a new form of tourism by integrating their roots in future development by creating a bet on a community and a territory.

For information and reservations:
Phone +39 0183 38489
Mobile phone +39 338 3045512

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