Limone Piemonte | Chalet Le Marmotte Località Panice Soprana, 115, 12015 Limone Piemonte CN, Italia
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Chalet Le Marmotte is a typical mountain hut, 1800m s.l.m., family run. Located on the Italian-French border (see map) 12 km from Limone Piemonte, it is the ideal place to enjoy the quiet of the mountains and is also a convenient starting point for any type of walk.
For the more athletic, the Rocca dell’Abisso is an unmissable route, while for the less sporty the Forte Centrale and the five minor fortifications are very easy to reach. From the chalet you can take the famous ‘Via del Sale’ towards Monesi and many other mountain roads with mountain bikes, quads and motorcycles towards Italy or France.

The hut is easily accessible in summer by the road that continues from Quota 1400 (Limone Piemonte) which is completely paved, while in winter you can arrive via the Colle di Tenda chairlift (departure from Quota 1400).
After a long walk or a nice skiing you can enjoy a wide choice of typical dishes; polenta with sausage, deer polenta tanning, with cream of leeks and bacon, with lard raschera and walnuts … .. and yet delicious appetizers, abundant first and second courses and, finally, delicious homemade desserts.
Chalet Le Marmotte is the ideal place to spend a quiet day in the mountains, relaxing on our panoramic terrace and savoring tasty dishes, in the summer, observing the rich flora and fauna of the surroundings, you can not miss, of course, the marmots.

For information and reservations:
Phone +39 348 330 1992

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