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Food Store Alta Via Del Sale

  • Au bon pain Opening: 7:30 – 12:30 and 16:30 – 19:00 Closed: Sunday afternoon and Monday
  • The purpose of the association Omeloko is to create and develop networks for sharing, distribution, exchange and marketing of agricultural and handicraft products in the Roya Valley through direct sales of bread, jams, syrups, biscuits, oli...
  • Agaccio Food Specialties is located in Ponte di Nava and is the reference point for lovers of typical local products such as mushrooms, cheeses and pastas. For information and reservations: Phone +39 0174 399927
  • Dal Fornaio you will find excellent local specialties both sweet and savory for all tastes. For information and reservations: Phone +39 0174 392284 Website: www.alpiliguri.com
  • Omero Jams is located in Ormea and deals with the processing and conservation of fruit and vegetables. In the laboratory are prepared both fruit jams for cakes or to have breakfast or to combine with cheese, meats and cold cuts, as well as ...

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