Alta Via Del Sale Regulation

A special regulation regulates access to the Alta Via del Sale, to preserve the route and its territory and to guarantee the safety of people accessing it (pedestrians, cyclists, motor vehicles). The provisions contained therein, dictated by the context conditions (restricted roadway, lack of protections, …) and recalled from the signs to the access points and along the route, must be known and respected.
In the section between Loxe (Brig Alta) and Cabanaira (Limone Piemonte), access to motor vehicles (provided they are suitable for mountain dirt roads) is only possible if they have a transit permit.
In case of sudden situations, even of a meteorological nature, which could compromise safety, local authorities can still prevent the transit of the holders of valid permits.

Here is the complete rules (click on the link below):

Regulation rev 13 24 GIUGNO 2016

We advise you to also check the ordinances of each single municipality:

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